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Thursday, 16 July 2009


After my lunch break, I saw this on my desk. Whooa! It's my Joppa grabbie. It has only been eight days to be exact since I placed my order. When not on sale, Joppa's grab bag costs around $20 plus the shipping fee. I bought this while they were having a sale, and I only paid around $12 including the shipping fee which, to my surprise, was $6. Come to think of it, I only paid $6 for this. Cheapers, ei?!

My grab bag includes Toffee foundie with puffer (5 g) Cranapple blusher (5 g baggie), Bahama Bronze foundie (1.4 g), Cool Copper foundie (1.4 g), Wintergreen eyeshadow (0.57 g), Frost eyeshadow (0.57 g), Promise eyeshadow/liner (0.57 g), Green tea and tea tree lotion sample, Lip Twist in Rhapsody, and glycolic cleanser.

They've also included this Hasassah eyeshadow freebie.

I also took the opportunity to order their 6-piece sampler which includes two blushers (Blushing Bride, Spice Berry), one concealer (Medium) and three foundations in jars (Bronzed Sienna, Tweed, and Buff). This samplers are for free, but you're only allowed to order one set per transaction.

I am really satisfied with my grab bag. Joppa really never ever failed me with their products. With their foundies, my face never becomes oily whenever I use it.

By the way, for those of you who want to avail of Joppa's grabbies, click here. I think the grab bags are still on sale at $18. It's really worth a try, believe me.


Ida said...

ooooh, that looks like a lot! and that's a nice deal you got. your daughter's so cute, saw from the previous post :)

lai said...

Thanks sis. I really had a good deal on this one! And yeah, my daughter is adorable! hihihi

Mina said...

ohhh. nice loot, sister. =) don't we all love Joppa? =)

lai said...

Of course we do!

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