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Wednesday, 27 May 2009


This arrived yesterday:
My Lauress loot! Yeeyy! I took advantage of the fact that their eyeshadows are on sale now. Instead of paying $1.50 per jar, it is now down to $1.10. Their shipping is also fast because I received my loot in less than a week compared to EDM which takes ages to arrive.

Nice packaging!

But I guess, the content is too little. Compared to the sample jars of EDM, EDM contains almost thrice as much as the ones I got from Lauress. I only ordered 11 eyeshadows, but they gave me one extra for free!

The colors are rich and vibrant, but I haven't tried it yet. And that kid below will soon become an MMU addict just like me.


purplesilke said...

buti ka pa you got na your lauress loot. mine is not here yet till now. almost a month na..:( nauna pa dumating yung edm ko.. hay!

lai said...

Baka naman naipit na yan sa LP PO. Lam mo naman sa atin.

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