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Wednesday, 6 May 2009


I received my first Joppa grab bag yesterday along with my 3-piece sampler kit. Iwas so excited when I saw it on my desk and opened the package right away without even putting my bag down.
And these are the things that I got:

This is my grab bag and this consists of the following:
FS Olive leaf E/S 1.4 g
FS Majestic E/S 1.4 g
FS Eggnog E/S 1.4 g
FS Dusk E/S 1.4 g
Sample of Buttercream E/S 1/8 tsp in a baggie
FS Dewdrop Blush powder 1.4 g
FS Savannah Blush powder 1.4 g
FS Toffee Simple Radiance 1.4 g
Joppa Gracie
Berry Bliss soap bar
Sugar Plum Lippie
Cotton Candy Lippie
Lip Twist Bare
I ordered a 3-piece sampler kit from Joppa which, to my surprise, turned out to be a 6-piece sampler kit! I don't how it happened or why it happened, but the thing is, I am quite happy that it happened, hehehe.

These are the lippies that are included in the shipment. I am not sure if they are included in the grab bag because they were wrapped separately from the grab bag itself, but hey who cares?

For only $18, I think this is more than what my money's worth.
Till next haul, nighty night!


Miss Girl Interrupted said...

Wow. Your Joppa loot is really a good buy. I love Joppa's simple radiance foundi :) Joppa's got great CS too!

purplesilke said...

nice haul! too bad i wasn't able to get one.. hope you can drop by my blog some time. ;)

lai said...

Yeah! I even got their bare twist lippie for free even if my order was less than $30! Wooohooo!

Ida said...

ahh that's a great haul. i haven't ordered yet, hehe. what do you think about the color of the lippies? thanks for following my blog too :)

Ida said...

oh by the way, award for you:



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