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Thursday, 21 May 2009


I really do not have any interest about these crystals and stones turned into jewelry until one day Andre, a colleague in the hospital, brought some jewelries which, I must admit, are really eye catching.
This was just her hobby at first, but when most of the people are noticing her beautiful charms she turned it into a business. She brought some samples to our department and I decided to give it a shot. They said that these stones have certain properties that can attract good vibes to the person who is wearing it.
This is the bracelet which my friend, Jane, gave me. This is made up of rose quartz and Swarovski crystals. Rose quartz as they say is The stone of Unconditional Love. It has a translucent or opaque soft pink sheen.
It is said to have the following properties:
  • Gently dissolves blockages to love.
  • Teaches how to love oneself and others.
  • Encourages forgiveness and acceptance.
  • Calms and reassures, bringing about deep inner healing.
    Helps releasing of blockages from unexpressed emotions.
  • Opens heart chakra.
  • Soothes wounded heart and internalized pain.
  • Aids self-trust and self-worth.
  • Attracts love.
  • Said to increase fertility.

    I should have worn a bracelet made of this when I was single and still looking for love, because right now I have too much love around me, hahaha! OMG, the fertility thing! Not now because I am still enjoying my time with my daughter.

This is the bracelet that I bought for myself. It is made up of citrine and Swarovski crystals. Citrine has a golden yellow ray which is rich , warming and beautiful. It is like a physical representation of the sun. Metaphysically, Citrine is considered as the "Stone of Prosperity," and now you know why I bought this stone.

Its properties include:

  • Attracts wealth and success.
  • Brings happiness and generosity.
  • Energizes and invigorates.
  • Increases motivation and physical energy.
  • Activates creativity.
  • Dissipates negative energy.
  • Promotes inner calm.
  • Balances yin and yang.
  • Activates navel and solar plexus chakras.
  • Also believed to enhance digestive problems, thyroid imbalance and circulatory problems.
  • The ultimate Good Luck Stone.

    Of couse, I also bought a small one for my daughter, which she wears almost all of the time. This is made of Rose Quartz and Swarovski crystals too. I am not worried about that fertility thing though, because she is only 2 years old.

I asked Andre to make two more bracelets for my daughter made up of agate and amethyst stones.

Let's see if these crystals really do work.


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