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Friday, 22 May 2009


Kris Allen is the newest American Idol with a whooping 38 million votes over who was thought to be the "best" for the season - Adam Lambert. However, there have been a couple of negative reactions as to how and why Kris won.

Some were saying that it was because supporters of Gokey voted for Kris because both are church goers, so they supported someone of the same faith.

Others were saying that it was because of Kris' good looks why people chose to vote for him instead of Adam. To add to this, some are saying that Adam has "demonic" looks so they opted for the angelic Kris.

The worse that I have read so far was that AT&T provided phones at Kris Allen's voting parties in Arkansas and showed the participants how to "power text" by sending 10 or more text votes at the push of a single button.

Having heard and read all of these, I feel so sorry for Kris because even though he got the title, with these intrigues around him, I know that he is not happy. I mean, come on guys, the guy also has a talent, although not the best (even for me) in the batch. But we have to face the fact that the show is decided by the people and whoever is the most charming (not the most talented) to the public will win.

I so love Adam, but what can I do, Kris won already. I know that Adam still has a career that's waiting for him though he was not the big winner, and that's for sure. And for Kris, let's give him a chance to prove his worth.


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