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Thursday, 14 May 2009


As one of my friends will be going home within the next two weeks, my father asked me if I could send some of their medications through my friend. As I am now SO into online shopping, I checked out if Mercury Drugstore has a website and if I could order online. To my surprise, they do have an online store.

I immediately checked out if they have my parents' medicine available in their site and yes, they have it. However, you cannot check out the price of the drugs. It's like you have to order first and give all the information about the sender, receiver, credit card details and the amount of medicine that you want to order. After filling up all of those things, the price will still not be shown. Instead you either have to confirm immediately or ask for the price first before processing your order.

So, I chose to check out the price first. When I clicked the "SUBMIT" button, the window was immediately redirected to a new one saying "Thank you for your order, etc.." There was no confirmation sent by the website that they have received my order because it was in the 2 in the morning when I sent my order. So I have to wait for Monday to come for their confirmation.

Then Monday came. I immediately checked my email to see if there is any confirmation from Mercury Drugstore. What a relief! The confirmation is there and they were asking if I want to proceed with my order or not. I made some amendments to my order and asked them to send me the changes first before proceeding with my order, and they did just that. They were also prompt in answering any queries that you might have.

Here comes the best part. I haven't told my old folks back home that they just need to collect their medicines from Mercury Drugstore yet, though it was already available since Tuesday. When I called them yesterday to give them the details, I was surprised to know that they have already collected their medicines because it was Mercury Drugstore who called them.

So for those of you guys who are out of the country or even those who live far from your old folks, try ordering online from Mercury Drugstore. Check out their site here.

This definitely will not be the last time that I will order from them.

Till next post.

Nighty night!


Ida said...

i didn't know they had an online store. that's good how it's convenient for you and your parents :)

and can i just say, i'm jealous over the coastalscents haul! i wanna order but their shipping fee! and ah, that's how the brushes smell? hope the bad smell goes away soon!

lai said...

Yeah! Mercury Drug Online will be very helpful for us!

Don't worry sis, the bad smell's gone already. Coastal Scent's shipping fee is kinda expensive sis, but if you really want to order from them, better do a bulk order para sulit ang shipping. BTW, sale sila ngayon, 15% off yata all items.

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia Spain
thank you

micah said...

thanks for this info... it's really helpful...I was also looking for a Mercury Drugstore website which would be convenient for people like me living out outside Philippines.

thanks again. :-)

Anonymous said...

Do they ship out of Philippines on their online order?????

Like i live here in Alaska i wanted to order my medication in my own county to help the economy online business.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post because I just found out about the website of Mercury and planning to buy my mum's medication, but I have to look at first if its safe to do so...so thank you for this post..xxx

Mohammad Moin said...

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