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Monday, 25 May 2009


Until now when people ask me about my job and I tell them that I am a Medical Transcriptionist, people are still clueless about it.

By definition, a Medical Transcriptionist is an individual who transcribes and interprets dictated reports by physicians into a typewritten format. In contrary, a Medical Transcriber is the equipment used by the Transcriptionist for this purpose.

The process is quite simple, yet complicated. This starts when the doctor dictates his reports through the telephone, either a land line or a mobile phone. Then the dictation will go to the Dictation Server which will then go into the Medical Transcriptionist's computer. After the voice file is loaded into the MT's computer, the MT can now start transcribing the report. The MT uses a foot pedal which controls the play rate of the dictation. It is the equipment which the MT steps at to play, forward and rewind the dictation. At the same time, the MT will type the report with the highest level of speed and accuracy that she can.

There are many challenges when it comes to transcribing reports. The doctor's accent for me is most challenging. Based on my personal experience, I find it really difficult transcribing reports from doctors who come from France, Belgium and Germany. Correcting the grammar is another thing that is of utmost importance (especially to my boss). In addition, the medical equipment and terminologies that these doctors use also gives the MT an extra challenge.

This industry started in the Philippines in the late 1990s as the medical reports from the US were outsourced to the Philippines and India because it is more cost efficient. The prominent companies before were IDSI in Alabang, JL Business Solutions in Ortigas and OTPI in Makati. OTPI was the company where I got my training and skills from. Later, the industry started to pop out like mushrooms. Now you can see different MT companies everywhere in the Philippines. You can even do transcription from your very own home.

The importance of MTs in a hospital is often overlooked by many. People only see MTs as individuals who sit and type the whole day, but mind you guys sitting, typing, listening and staring at the computer for eight hours straight is not simple. It is eye straining, gives one low back pain or tendinitis and a very mentally challenging job. In addition the reports that we MTs produce is also important because it is where the doctors usually base the continuity of care, in addition to the report being a legal document for medicolegal purposes.

There have been reports and hearsays that Voice Recognition (technology wherein the computer will automatically transcribe the dictation) will soon be used here in the UAE, but it does not mean that MTs will not be needed anymore. The technology is promising but not reassuring. I do not think that the computer alone can create reports as accurate as MTs do. If this happens, however, MTs will take the role of Editors or Quality Assurance personnels to further furnish the report.

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