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Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Wouldn’t the world be simpler if people are getting the right response to the questions they ask?


Lai – Hello, I am awaiting a shipment from the US. It’s first class express mail service from USPS weighing less than 0.5 kg, so it’s just a regular mail. I would like to know if the parcel is delivered right into the recipient’s doorstep or it would have to be picked up?

Call center agent – Can I get the tracking number please?

Lai – Oh, I don’t have it right now. Anyway, I am just asking a general question and I know that the shipment is not yet here since I ordered it about three days ago.

Call center agent – Ma'am, I need to know the tracking number.

Lai – But I don’t have it and I am only inquiring about deliveries if it is to be delivered to the recipient’s doorstep or if it’s for pick up.

Call center agent – I’m sorry Ma'am, I need to have the tracking number because if I don’t have it, I cannot give you any information.

Was my question answered?


Lai – Hi, I would like to ask you regarding our company’s health benefits. My daughter is my legal dependent here in the hospital, but her visa is not under my sponsorship. As per the new policy, dependents who are not under the employee’s sponsorship will not receive the health card from the insurance company and will not receive medical benefits also. I would like to know if I still have to renew her existing dependent card that the hospital issued her last year because it’s expiring in May. Also, will she not be able to receive any medical benefit even from the hospital itself without using the insurance like before?

HR officer – Hi Lai, as per policy, she will not have the insurance card because she is not under your sponsorship, so she cannot avail of the hospital insurance.

Was my question answered?


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