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Friday, 10 April 2009


This will be the first time I will post my top 10 on Friday. I know it's usually on a Tuesday for other bloggers, but I want mine to be on a Friday.

Anyway, these are the top 10 occupations I was dreaming of before:

1. Teacher.
Yes, believe it or not, I really would love to be a teacher. There was a time when I was playing "teacher-teacher-an" when I was small. I was the teacher and my students were my younger cousins. It's not that I wanted to teach but the fact that I wanted to write on those class records, write on the blackboard and give obnoxious grades, wehehehe...

2. Doctor.
I guess everybody wanted to be a doctor when we were young. I was one of them, too but not because I wanted to treat those people who are sick, but because I know they earn so much and that most doctors have a car of their own.

3. Lawyer.
I dreamed of becoming one before because I find lawyers so cool with their suits and that they always have something to argue about. During that time I was kinda argumentative unlike now, I will just listen and usually will not voice out what I have in mind.

4. Interior Designer.
Designing homes is also one of my dreams. It seems that there will always be a creative juice in your mind that will just continue flowing. Of course, it's really fulfilling to see the work of art that you have created.

5. Archeologist.
It's always been my interest to learn and know things about our past. I was really into this course before, but I know that we cannot afford this so I opted for another one. I also came into thinking, what job will I have after I finished college as the opportunity is very limited for archeologists and the likes in the Philippines.

6. Journalist.
I really want to be one before because I know that they are really paid high aside from the fact that they really have a very interesting and exciting jobs. Also, they also get to travel while working. How about that, huh? Then I told myself, I am not pretty enough so I may not get a job in the journalism field compared to those pretty girls. So, I crossed this out on my list.

7. Chef.
Cooking has always been my passion, but during those times, chefs were not yet in demand. Thinking practically, I was looking in the classified ads and was not able to see any demand for chefs. So, another cross for this one. If I would have known earlier that chefs will be in demand nowadays, then I think I would have pursued this because the tuition fee before for this course was not really that high unlike now.

8. Market vendor.
Laugh if you want to, but yes, I dreamed to be one before. When I was a kid, my mother used to bring me to market and I find those vendors really entertaining to look at. I also used to think that they were really rich because even if the buyers were asking them to lower the price, they were still giving their goods to them. So, I was thinking that they must have been really rich because they can afford those discounts that they were giving the buyers. What logic did I have during that time? Geeesshhh!

9. Actress.
The nerve! Yes, my mother used to bring me to auditions whenever there is a search for potential artists. I remember during the time when ABS-CBN 2 was holding their auditions for the teleserye, "AnnaLuna," my mother brought me to Mother Ignacia for that. Hahaha.... I know for my self that I really did not know how to act. So when it was already my turn, the staff asked me to cry and not even one drop fell from my eye. It was really embarassing, but at least I get a taste of showbusiness even for a second, hahaha.

10. Flight attendant.
How about traveling every now and then to almost all parts of the world? We all know for a fact that this is the occupation that I will never ever have. Why? I stand 4 feet 11 inches only. When I myself am traveling, I cannot even reach the plane's compartment. Too much said for that.

Any hoo, my profession and the course that I took up were not included in this list. WTF? Too much dreams and not even one fulfilled! Oh well, at least I am earning from my job and able to support my family with that.

Until next Friday...


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