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Friday, 10 July 2009


I told my self that I will stop ordering online like a couple of weeks ago. Well, guess what? I wasn't able to keep my word for it and just gave in. I ordered another mystery grab bag from Joppa because I just couldn't resist their tempting offer. Imagine from $20 down to $12.80 plus free shipping, which they have stopped offering lately.

So I told myself to get this grabbie just now. I must admit, I should be proud of myself too because I have been able to stick to my no-buy mode for like three weeks, hahaha!

I paid a visit to Joppa's website just this morning and hey, the grab bag is now $18 and you have to shoulder the shipping fee. I guess, it's a good decision after all.

When I was browsing one of my regularly visit sites, Femalenetwork.com, I found out that Adorned With Grace is also having their 4th of July Clearance Sale. I checked out their site and took a look. The items that are (because there are still some left as we speak) on sale are those that they called the Ooopsies... meaning these are the colors that were discontinued or colors that were formulated but did not make their final line of colors.

As one will be getting like 20 sample baggies for only $3.00 or less, I decided to purchase like four grab baggies.

I've already received a notice from both Joppa and AWG that they have already shipped my orders last Wednesday. I can't wait to have them all.


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