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Sunday, 10 May 2009


She's less than 5 feet tall, nearlly 60 years old, morena, simple compared to all other mommies there who would still want to look as fresh as possible and very outspoken. She is not the "sosyal" type of mother who would still apply tons and tons of foundation and makeup to her face, but instead she would rather go out wearing her own natural beauty which I must admit is still there even with those wrinkles on her face.

She was the one who spent sleepless nights just watching over me and who did everything in her capacity just to make sure that I will be able to finish my studies.
She's the one who unselfishly prioritized my well being first before herself or anything else in the world.
Her name is Julieta Manalo Fontanilla.
She is my mother.
...And I love her so much!
Happy mother's day, Ma!


Ida said...

just wanna say that i think that's really sweet of you. your mom has pretty eyes :)

oh and what an edm haul! pretty, pretty colors :)

lai said...

Thanks Ida! Still contemplating on the Sandcastle collection. BTW, Happy Mommy's Day to you.

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