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Friday, 17 April 2009


When my monthly period is about to come, I eat a lot, and I mean it. Lately, I noticed that my waist line and my tummy is getting bigger and bigger every day. I was thinking that it's just related to me having a period in a few days, but naaahhh.... I really was eating a lot even during my period. I must do something about it though or I will end up as a couch.


I usually walk from the hospital back home because aside from doing some exercise (just imagine walking 3 km under the heat of the sun), I can also save some money by not having to hire a taxi which will cost around 8AED or P100.

This week I decided not to walk because I have my period and I might faint because of the heat.


When I have my monthly thingy, I really get too moody.

Last night my hubby got a piece of my mind. It's good that his temper is not as bad as mine and he understands that it's that time of the month again.


In the office, we received a memo from our boss.

Guess what it was all about: Yeah, it's all about our monthly period. My boss and two others are already past that stage and what she wanted was for us to use another bin for our "particulars" during that special time of the month. But hey, as if we Filipinos are careless when disposing our particulars. We even wrap it before disposing it. Don't tell me that it's because of the smell of blood. I'd rather smell blood than see their poops left in the bowl without even bothering to clean it first!



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